Exterior Visualization
Interior Visualization
Landscape Visualization
Product(s) Visualization
Hyper-realistic Visualization
3D Modeling
Post Production / Photo-Montage


• First draft

There should be a clear understanding of the project Intent when requesting a quotation.

Providing the right quotation based upon the right project information and sketches such as: CAD file, photos, 3D models Cad, Sketchup, 3Dstudio Max, Revit,etc..

• Cameras and Angles

Upon receiving confirmation and 50% of the down payment, we will proceed with the project.

Producing multiple screen shots for project progression.

Adjustments can be made after reviewing the images.

•Lighting and Material

After confirming the camera angles, the lighting and the material we can proceed towards the project's rendering and post production.

• Project Rendering and Post-Production

After we get the final HD images ready we will be sending you a low-res preview for feedback and comments and move on to the final stage of the project.

Please note that another 25% of the remaining payment should be due at this point of the project so that we can proceed through the final stages.

• Formal Delivery / Invoice

Our main delivery formats are 3500x pixels with 150 DPI. For any custom sizing format outside of the above listed, please let us know in the initial quotation.

Please note that the final payment must be due before the delivery of the final images.

Once we receive the final payment we will send you the Invoice of the project and the final 3D HD Images by Wetransfer service. You will receive a link in your email with the download Instructions and the download link.